The fact that there is a politician not blindly following party directives continues to confound the media. Joe Manchin has long held to his voting in a way that is in the interests of — get this — his voters. For this, the press has declared this to be everything from a betrayal of the president, a threat to democracy, and even has him killing the planet.

Yes, the press has been completely rational in their outrage. Meanwhile, when politicians like Liz Cheney, or Adam Kinzinger defy their party the press cannot applaud loudly enough as they call them brave warriors for the truth.

Joining in on the hysteria bandwagon is Mother Jones Magazine, here to inform us that Manchin is actually hated by — the entire planet.

Now, we here at Twitchy would hate to suggest these hysterics are operating completely within their bubble — so we will instead show you that this is the case.  Despite these claims, it turns out there is a group of individuals who are rather happy with Joe’s performance. They seem a rather valid voice on the matter.

This is the kind of detail the press loves to avoid. When a politician votes against the approved agenda his popularity with his own voters has to be ignored because that also interrupts the narrative. So the best thing to do is imply something far worse is happening.

The amazing part of that is the implication that the senators who are constantly in the news are a complete mystery to the people in West Virginia. Maybe it is true — few people believe the news outlets.

Well, this is confusing; the man who defies his party cannot answer questions because he is…just parroting the party script???

While insults surely draw people to your side, maybe the challenge here is the Party Of The Workers managed to kill off the major state industry of coal mining.

Telling West Virginia residents that you know what is in their best interest more than West Virginia residents know is always a great look.  Or, it could possibly be the opposite.

Some day it might dawn on the press and the remaining critics of Manchin that tapping on a shell is not the best way to get a crab to come out.


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