Following Friday’s vastly successful astroturf attempt at painting Virginia gubernatorial candidate as a blatant racist due to a quartet of dorks and an activist female, you would think the press would find it wise to steer clear of assumptions of audience members.

Not if you are NBC’s embedded campaign journalist, Gary Grumbach. He was at Monday’s rally held by Glenn Youngkin on the eve of the election and he conveniently spotted one person wearing what some might deem objectionable attire.

One person in a crowd has the confederate flag and therefore assumptions are to be drawn. The thing is it has to be assumptions, because Gary gives us nothing more to go on, regarding this display. Just look at how close he came to these attendees, yet he never provided anything further about them.

To give a sense of the slant on display here, this solitary person was in a crowd that Grumbach reported being in the thousands; that alone is noteworthy, as we have seen Terry McAuliffe draw up to dozens at his events. But the telling detail is that Gary had no motivation to speak to the person directly in front of him.

Well now Kyle, we are not sure why you would assume Gary has the motivation to undertake such activity. Unless of course, you read his bio, where he states that he is “always curious”.

Maybe the rice cakes distracted him here.

Well, it was a special event. They wanted to look nice for the cameras.

It is almost as if they intentionally tried to display a false flag.

And there is the tell. Whenever the press sees someone they consider to be objectionable they are splashed across the media, and then the hack reporters begin digging into their personal lives. Recall, CNN went full-on doxxing someone who made a video meme mocking them.

Yet curiously, just like Friday’s tiki torch debacle, the media has no such motivation when they are aware of false flag plants taking place.

In fact, now that you mention it…

There it is — now this is starting to make more sense.