Democrat scorpions just stung the frog that is Adam Kinzinger.

For years Rep. Adam Kinzinger has been an ingratiating self-aggrandizing Never-Trump camera hog. Siding with Democrats, appearing on MSNBC and CNN on the regular, and even garnering selection on Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Riot commission, are just some of the qualifying aspects of earning him the title of RINO, with distinction.

Well Adam, all of that devotion to the other party has led to this — they want to reward your dedication by erasing you entirely.

There has been speculation as to this happening, but Kinzinger is not savvy enough to understand that Democrats are far more interested in net seat gains than they are in paying respects to an opponent who has begged for their attention.

Maybe he is, but —

As far as where this will leave Adam’s political future, that seems rather bleak. It was just this past February when his loud opposition to the party and willingness to battle House minority leader Kevin McCarty had talk of his being primaried beginning.  When he was asked about the prospects of running for a statewide position, Kinzinger was rather subdued about the idea.

“It’s not my intention to run for anything statewide. I think there’s probably less of that chatter. At the beginning, I heard people speculate that I was taking the positions I was taking to set myself up to run statewide. And I’ll tell you, people who speculate that don’t know me. And, I would even argue that they probably don’t know something about politics if you think I can get through a primary pretty easily.”

This might be a rare time when Adam displayed some political wisdom. See, it is one thing to posture as a brave rebel against the party leadership when ensconced in a secure district seat, but when you need to now appeal to Republicans statewide, who you have essentially insulted for years, your chances are minuscule. On top of that, the party leaders you have brayed at are less likely to lend support and party money.

Basically, Kinzinger is hosed.

Of course, there is always one political hail Mary chance…