Like seals at the afternoon show at Sea World, the entertainment intelligentsia (a term similar to CNN’s ‘moderate extremism’) have responded with a flood of reactions to Donald Trump slamming Sunday night’s Oscar telecast.

The show was a thematic mess, they altered the order of the awards to have an emotional conclusion with a Chadwick Bosman win (who promptly lost), and the ratings were not just at a new low but were historically horrific.

In response, Donald Trump issued a release where he commented on the fiasco of a ceremony.

And on cue Trump’s comments garnered responses from across the entertainment spectrum.

Vanity Fair tries to dismiss it as ”Trump shouts his 20211 Oscar thoughts into the void”, yet here they are, delivering a lengthy rebuttal. Is this an admission they occupy a space in that void?!

Others could not refrain from commenting either.

Jimmy Kimmel cared so little about the comment from Trump he mentioned those on his show, then he gave a mocked response from The Academy.

Then Kimmel tries to pretend he is not one of this very crowd. “The thing is, Donald Trump basically is the Oscars,” Kimmel concluded. “Old, bloated, completely self-involved, and obsessed with gold. He’s them.” This, according to the man who was the last host of the Oscars.

The real amusement comes from the fact that those who are outraged at Trump making a comment on the show were perfectly fine making comments about him during the previous 4 Oscar telecasts.

Yes, how DARE this man lower himself to commenting on the Oscars — that is something only they are permitted to be lowered into doing!

Kimmel has taken a similar position in the past. Following his hosting one year, he vowed to stop making any further Trump comments on his program. Uh, sort of.

ONE episode. Such a sacrifice.

This underscores the inability of these players to back away from the man. Just like the media, which has discovered they are mostly ignored now that they are not bleating about Trump, the entertainment figures want to claim to be over him — but then when he comments they react like a junkie being tossed a quick fix.

It would be considered sad and pathetic, if it were not so damned amusing to watch.