Lebron James is having a tough week of it so far. The social activist and occasional basketball player received blowback for his post threatening an officer, then made matters worse by saying it was the fault of others misinterpreting his threat.

Now, this is not going to help. During some pregame time, NBA reporter Taylor Rooks saw Mr. James reading a book, so she inquired about his tome. (”Tome” is another word for book, for you NBA fans.)

Oh…oh dear, this is not good.

Remember riding the bus on Monday morning, and you get reminded you have a book report due that day…? That’s what this sounded like.

So true. He does not seem to be able to pull off ”natural”.

Dying over here. Dying.

Ouch. Also, fair.

That’s not fair — he has not gotten to that chapter yet. Or, any of them.

This is jus – so – believable.