Tucker Carlson sure has been in the media crosshairs of late. A number of media players have been lashing out at Tucker for mentioning how the messaging behind the vaccines is sending horrible messages to the public.

As he has said, the insistence to remain masked and separated after vaccinations makes little sense, and the pause called on some vaccines creates doubts in some. Brian Stelter idiotically claimed vaccine selfies save lives, and Fox personalities refusing to post pics is a public threat.

Tucker mentioning these details has also drawn fire from Stelter’s Boy Wonder, Oliver Darcy. But one thing this Unambiguously Biased Duo will ever say is something critical of their own network. This is revealing since CNN has been trafficking in the very information that gets these guys in a sweaty lather.

Wow Jake, this sure sounds like you are sowing doubts in the minds of Americans. Then there is this jarring announcement from the network.

That is some alarming news!!! It sure makes the vaccines sound dangerous and ineffective, and when coupled with the dangers mentioned by Jake Tapper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta you can see significant reasons for people to doubt the vaccine effectiveness!

Of course, things sound significantly less worrisome when context is introduced.

CNN is not going to get ratings and clicks by reassuring people. Project Veritas caught their own people saying as much on camera, after all.

They did, in a fashion. Hours later CNN retweeted the article, and note how the network now frames the cases against the vastly larger amount of vaccinations.

Rather typical of the press; pimp out the alarming headline, then later make the quiet change so everything appears above board. This is a growing issue with the media with hyping the negatives in a national health crisis.

But Tucker Carlson is the supposed problem…