Just to follow up on our last post on Media Matters’ Matt Gertz where we predicted he would put more blame on Fox News for increasing vaccine hesitancy than the FDA and CDC pausing the use of the J&J vaccine over a very rare blood clot risk, here he is again blaming Fox News for not doing enough to get people vaccinated:

For the record, here’s CNN’s Jake Tapper and Sanjay Gupta saying the FDA-CDC move will increase vaccine hesitancy, so it’s not just us:

Anyway, CNN’s Oliver Darcy took things one step further and said Tucker Carlson — the “face of the network” — was “recklessly telling viewers that the vaccines might not even actually work”:

Carlson answered this charge on his program last night, saying “For the record, we never for a minute doubted it. We bought all of that stuff completely at face value” and that “The only reason we are asking the question is because the people in charge are acting like it doesn’t work”:

Watch (transcript here via Grabien):

One thing that may be at play here is that libs believe much more in celebrity endorsements than conservatives. For example, Ivanka Trump released a statement 100% supportive of vaccines but it’s not likely to move the needle at all. Why do Gertz and Darcy think Carlson will have more sway than a Trump?