Seriously Jake, this was not going to become a good result for you.

Jake Tapper decided that it would deliver a rebuke to the GOP to post a story from Reuters declaring that ”about half” of Republicans view the riot in the Capitol in January as largely a non-violent protest.

This…this sounds familiar. We are not sure exactly, but this type of reframing of violent events into a more tranquil and loving atmosphere strikes us as being something we might have heard before. Rather recently, in fact.

Oh, right. Now, how exactly does CNN take the position of condescension on such matters when it was just over 6 months ago when we saw this very practice employed on their own network?

Annnnnnd, just for the completists out there, we also have MSNBC’s Ali Velshi making a similar mentally impacted assessment.

But sure, those dastardly Republicans are making the same type of judgment on violence, and it is completely totally entirely consummately unacceptable, and junk.

Where on Earth did these people learn this type of thinking?!?!

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