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Maybe we do not understand all of the pressures involved with running the town of Charlottesville, Virginia, so reserving judgment is the course of action for now. But this seems a tad extreme, even for those under the harshest of budget constraints.

Mayor Nikuyah Walker offered up some…uh, impressions…we guess, about her town. As far as takes go it is difficult to get much hotter than this.


You were warned…



There is a measure of pride involved here, as we can see she posted this on FaceBook and imported it over to Twitter.  Screencaps will rule the day here, as it seems assured this will be hauled down at some point — but part of us hopes not.

What is most amazing is that she cannot resort to the usual dodge of, ”My account was hacked!” When presented with notification at some point at the questionable use of ”inartful language” she actually doubled down.



Suuuuuuuurrrrrrrrre — let’s go with that. This was a poem. We don’t think Maya Angelou’s body of work is about to be eclipsed by this colorful dose of prose from the mayor.

Yea, as far as the Chamber of Commerce in her municipality is concerned, we can guess they will not be adapting her visuals for promotional purposes any time soon.

There was a guess that possibly a campaign slogan could be pulled, but let’s face facts; this sounds more like someone who has just been handed some horrendous internal polling numbers and decided, ”F-it — blaze of glory time!!!


Everyone is a critic on social media…

It might be best to just casually step away from this dumpster fire, before some form of debased entertainment becomes lodged in our psyche

Something tells us those plans are already in the works.

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