We keep waiting for the pendulum to drift back from all of this hyper-sensitive social activism in our culture, but all signs show that the upswing is still in play.

The latest effort to revamp our long-established traditional entertainments has come to board games. Hasbro, the distributor of the popular MONOPOLY enterprise has declared they are looking into making changes to the options in the game in order to reflect our contemporary culture.

Hasbro has announced it wishes to alter some of the options that are available in the Community Chest cards we are all familiar with when playing. This is due to their impression that today ”community means more than ever before”.

Seriously. According to the press release:

Covering topics like beauty contests, holiday funds, and life insurance, there is no denying the Monopoly game’s Community Chest Cards are long overdue for a refresh. And, coming out of the tumultuous year of 2020, the term “community” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Wonderful. They will be addressing the demands which were made by a handful of cranks online who will not deliver significant sales returns.

This seemed inevitable. After all, recall a couple of years back when they decided to issue a new version that addressed the false issue of payroll discrepancy by having female players earn more money from passing GO?

Some of the suggested replacement cards might read, “Shop Local”, “Rescue A Puppy” or “Help Your Neighbors.”


And the jokes tend to write themselves.

— Scott Walberry (@wals588) March 20, 2021

It is all such a joke, the best way to close this out is — with a game-based joke.

This all serves as proof it might just need to have the rights shift to a more sane manufacturer.