While it has been entirely predictable, seeing all the media outlets gushing and cheering Joe Biden’s performance Thursday night of reading someone else’s speech has still been a distasteful exercise. Looking to join in with the pom-poms and t-shirt cannons-level of praise is this effort from Forbes Magazine.

Cloaked as a study in effective leadership principles, it is a desperate plea for attention and approval.

It is safe to say few were persuaded by this beatific assessment of the speech.

Oh man – where to begin with this. So much cringe managed to be packed into a rather efficient headline. How about the concept of his weaving a tale.

We are also struck by the concept that he has helped turn everyone against Covid. This is great news, because all of those who have been ”pro-Covid” have been so problematic.

Then how about the concept that he ”united America”?


These are not cherry-picked examples. The entire comments section to this piece is filled with this level of pushback. We think it is safe to say no one had their minds changed in regards to the President.

As for minds being changed about Forbes however…that is a different ”story”.

This is going to be a trend for the remaining four years, it seems.