Uh oh, someone at Reliable Sources is not going to like this!

One of the lamest gambits we frequently see from CNN’s Dyspectic Duo of Brian Stelter, and his Boy Wonder, Oliver Darcy, is to report on what FoxNews is NOT reporting on at a given time. The way it works is one of the Fox-obsessed mooks posts screenshots of what CNN and MSSNBC are reporting on concurrently, and then an image of what else Fox is covering.

This has become a rather popular tactic in the media, so much so that others are stealing Brian’s schtick.

This theft was evidently approved, since Stelter retweeted it.

The intent here is to supposedly show that Fox is an unserious news outlet by not covering only the approved subjects — and not to show just how desperate and impotent the Stelter-Darcy tandem has become. (Look, we admit to being jealous they actually derive a salary from watching TV and conjuring up lame ‘gotcha’ tweets.)

So with this in mind one of our favorites, Drew Holden, decided to play along and pop in to see what CNN was concerning itself on its front page.

Oh, how frequently this happens — the standards pushed by the galaxy brains at CNN end up creating a backlash on their own network.

But…but…it gets better deeper down the page, correct?

Well, this is upsetting – according to the Stelter-Darcy method.

Yes, it is better to not disturb him. He’s preoccupied taking notes and doodling knives next to Tucker Carlson’s face.