If you listened to the media over the past year you certainly heard the pleas of public safety and the need to follow the science.

Unless something can be reported in a way that generates traffic and delivers an audience — then THAT takes priority. A prime example of this comes from NBC News, reporting the news that some citizens in Oregon who received the Covid-19 vaccine have tested positive.

Now, for perspective. For starters, the Health Authority of Oregon stipulates this is not entirely a shock.

Also, all four cases are described as being mild, or asymptomatic. Now for the real perspective. According to the Associated Press to date, the state has administered the vaccine to over 400,000 people in Oregon. And this has led to all of four people testing positive.

And NBC’s alarming report glosses over a series of positive results seen across the state.

The amount of cases has dropped, the running average has been cut in half, hospitalizations are dropping, as are the rates of fatality. All positive signs. Yet NBC News decides to highlight a statistically insignificant 1/100,000 testing positive after the vaccine.

The press continues its practice of focusing only on negative pandemic news. Things are improving — so naturally, something negative needs to be found, to continue the fear and anxiety.