With the Super Bowl being dared to be played, with fans in attendance, it was sure to draw the attention of the Covid-Karens. Then once Tampa won, sending crowds into the streets, we were assured of getting all manner of hyperventilating hysterical reactions.

Also, this all transpired in Florida, so that only ramped up the need for many to get petulant but put more focus on Governor Ron DeSantis. The left’s preferred target in the absence of Donald Trump was in attendance at The Big Game (we did not pay a licensing right, so we cannot use the term Super Bowl™) and of course there was a need to out the governor as a threat to society.

Oh dear get the pearls and drop yourself onto the fainting couch to do some grade-A clutching!

The man is in a luxury suite with limited exposure, but do go on with your social signaling hysterics. DeSantis was approached about the matter by Florida-based reporter at Politico, Marc Caputo. As we have come to savor from the Governor, he was adept at answering a challenge from the media.

The – perfect – response.

He answered the question, diffused the accusation, and deftly ridiculed the henpecking stance about his lack of a mask. This is where we are in the country, where only people from one side of the political spectrum are shirking safety and risking lives. Tampa fans taking to the streets are tabbed as guilty already of causing widespread deaths, but somehow large groups of Biden revelers in numerous cities posed no threat whatsoever.

President Biden violating his own mask order on government property is perfectly acceptable but Ron DeSantis in a skybox is declared a death merchant.

Seems like this hyperventilating reaction needs some perspective. How about some shots from New Orleans, where they have packed crowds on Bourbon Street, and Mardi Gras is not even in full swing for at least another week?

You would think with all of these super-spreader events our infection rate would be near 100%. That’s just a guess from someone who is not an epidemiologist — like 99.5% of all of the others who make it a cottage industry in declaring what are and are not super-spreader events.


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