There are generally two types of people who reside in Florida — those who shrug and just shake their heads at the day-to-day psychosis in this state, and those who generate that reaction. Get ready to meet one of the latter.

Matthew Leatham was arrested this week when in the pre-dawn, post-revelry hours, he tried to secure for himself a means of travel. In doing so he repeatedly called 911 in order to get a ride home. The folks over at The Smoking Gun were kind enough to share Matthew’s mug shot.

Look, speaking as a resident, you do not have to try this hard to earn the Florida Man moniker. In fact, over 99% of those living here actually work on avoiding being tabbed as such, and for those remaining, it usually gets applied due to a severe LACK of cognitive effort.

True, but you might be a bit out of phase mentioning books with this one.

You do want this to be true…

That would at least give him a workable excuse for what happened. For the record, we severely doubt that is what happemed.

This – it had to be done – and now it has been done.