Let us open the thick book entitled The Cause Of The California Exodus, once again.


In the city of Long Beach, the city leaders felt as if they had hit upon a grand idea. Because the workers in the local grocery stores have been working all throughout the pandemic the politicians felt they deserved hazard pay. The decision was made to have the employees be given an additional $4 per hour.

Here is Mayor Robert Garcia heroically signing the new law.

Now what needs to be clarified, the city is not paying the new wage increase. They are requiring this is to be paid by the local business. Grocers, which have notoriously low margins to start with, do not have significant room to work with new expenses.

The result of this law could be seen coming like a semi hauling produce.

Just brilliant work. In an effort to give workers more of someone else’s money they managed to ensure those workers now receive no money. The locals in the area also have to find a new way to get their groceries during a pandemic.

And, as expected, the local politicians do not look at themselves as being responsible.

Uh, they are going to court to sue a closed store? Not sure what he expects to get as a settlement – maybe a percentage of the profits?

Also unsurprising is the leftist media brigade showing up to condemn the bad behavior. (Not from politicians, of course.)

Let’s try to follow Robert and Judd’s thinking here. Kroger does not want to pay its employees more money because the corporation is so greedy. So their response is to close the store instead, because they prefer to not make any revenues whatsoever at those locations.

Because they are greedy.

Nothing explains the craven hunger for money better than shutting down an operation in order to not make any money. Capitalism is one mysterious, nebulous, unfathomable system — for emotionally-driven Utopians.