Uh, we must have missed the memo. During today’s press briefing WH Press Secretary was asked a question by Ed O’Keefe, from CBS News, about President Biden meeting with GOP Congressional members before his own party. Psaki was rather dismissive as she focused in on the point that nobody specific was cited.

This seems…curious.

Jen reduces the question as coming from, ”People talking in hallways.”  And note that uber-hack Aaron Rupar here declares that the reporter was ”called out” by Psaki because he ”can’t back up” his question.

Well now, what do you know — suddenly the use of anonymous individuals as a place to go in order to glean information is regarded as a dismissive method of reporting.

Meanwhile, about that question…

In other words, she ”Pulled a Psaki”.

Also we should ask, will it become customary for reporters to be required to out their sources?

If there is one explanation behind all of this it might be summed up thusly.