We have rapidly arrived at the stage of the Biden term in office that whatever the mainstream press tells us we can bank on the opposite being far closer to the truth. Note how we have been told Joe was left no vaccine plans, how Jen Psaki is a brilliant briefer, and we are in a new era of truth and professionalism – as everyone seems to be lying their hinders off.

Another fable we have been sold is how the Biden administration would be ushering a renewed attitude of openness and transparency. Not only is Psaki’s constant reliance on ”circling back” a sign of doing the opposite, Elijah Scheaffer, from The Blaze, found another example of Biden’s team being closer to the vest with details than promised.

Considering the manner the videos were being flooded with downvotes there is a question on whether this was the staff being evasive or cowardly.

Real amusement arrives when looking over the video ”White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Answers Your Questions”. Here they strive to make the impression that the administration is open to discourse, then you see the same restriction of comments made on that video as well.

That looks to be a curiously opaque shade of transparent.

Look, it is pretty understandable, overall, why they would do this, considering the dumpster fire that the YouTube comments are renowned for being. It is more a matter of them saying one thing while acting in defiance of those words.

But, cutting off comments raises another question as well.

Yes, the courts ruled that President Trump could not block any citizens because his account was regarded as the official White House record, which all citizens were legally entitled to see. Of course, somehow that official account was able to be taken down entirely by Twitter, so the legality of these issues has already been operating in a grey area.

After all, we have been conditioned that there are double standards to be applied to Democrats in D.C., why shouldn’t they also enjoy those same benefits in the realm of social media?!