Judd Legum is in his glory right now. The man who thrives on trying to get advertisers to drop from Tucker Carlson’s show, and other similar economic hit jobs, is furiously detailing how many companies are coming forward to say they are suspending donations to any politician who voted against certifying the election last week.

The concept that these Congressional votes of opposition are offensive, dangerous, and rarely enacted is one pushed by the press right now. It ignores the fact that the last three GOP Presidential victories saw Democrats voting against certification in the same fashion. In 2016 seven states had results challenged by Democrats — with Nancy Pelosi’s blessing — and somehow treason was never even mentioned.

The media hysteria about this is being absorbed by many companies. Legum noted that Disney was among the gullible, as they came out with an announcement regarding its future donor plans.

A search through news archives shows no such outrage, nor corporate announcements regarding those Democrats voting in this fashion four years ago. But understand what is being targeted here.

We are being led that our democracy is under attack by members of Congress — using a procedural vote that is granted to Congress by our founding documents. This is not a new scheme that is super constitutional, they are using a democratically provided tool to simply vote in the House and Senate chambers.

Disney is acting like an affront to human rights took place, and here is where the cruel humor rests. Disney will take offense and take its money away from democratically acting politicians in the US, the same company that had little problem working directly with the Chinese communist government, and its militant human rights abusing forces operating concentration camps in the country.

Let us also remember, when Disney wants to influence Washington it has another tool at its disposal.

But in the end, it really will not amount to a painful experience for those politicians involved.

You seem unfamiliar with how virtue signaling works. The least amount of sacrifice and risk will lead to the loudest announcement about what you are doing, earning the highest degree of applause and respect at the same time.