In the classic actions of a teenaged girl who breaks up with a guy and then get angrier when he does not try to call her, Brain Stelter went on a bizarre rant recently — even by his own standard.

On the CNN panel for their coverage of the after-effects of the DC mob on the Capitol that network’s savvy media expert with an all-encompassing knowledge of all–

(Sorry, could not get through that sentence without breaking down with hysterics.)

CNN’s Hall Monitor, a man who should know better, was befuddled completely by the lack of contact from the White House.

Now let’s see Brian, at the time of your spittle-launching tirade could there perhaps have been anything that had taken place to possibly impede a clean flow of information from the President??

Essentially the case. Brian and his cronies were lobbying for days to have the man silenced ”for the safety of the country”. Now he is untethered because he has not heard from the man.

So true. This is the same man who earlier last year tabulated how long it had been without White House Press conferences, then when they held daily pressers he complained and said networks should refrain from covering them, then when they stopped those in the summer he complained anew about the lack of pressers.

Stelter is the man who is not happy unless he is unhappy, so when Trump leaves he will not have much to complain about. Which will make him testy.

This is the other truism in the press. For 4 years we heard perpetually one of two complaints: The President needs to stop tweeting so much/this story is breaking and the President has yet to tweet about it.

This is the mentality. The White House is not pandering directly to us, therefore it means nobody is doing anything, and no one is in charge! Seriously, for the coming years Stelter is going to become desperate for any type of relevancy once he cannot find anything worthy of reporting on with an administration he adores.