Anthony Scaramucci is sure getting mileage out of his truncated political career. He has basically become infamous for lasting all of 10 days in the Trump administration, but that embarrassing resume has, of course, made him a darling to the left and the media.

After starting a failed political action committee (his anti-Trump Right Side PAC dissolved well before the election) he has now made himself available to any news outlet desperate for a voice to scorch President Trump. The diminutive Ant-knee seems to recognize his days of relevancy are about to close, so he is straining to remain a name in the mind of the public.

Get it?! Trump only has 10 days remaining in his administration – he has one Scaramucci to go!! That is just so utterly…well, ”hilarious” does not exactly come to mind.

Yea, not exactly sure reminding people of your failed venture in his cabinet delivers the stinging barb you think.

So true. Anthony likes to pretend the fealty lasted only 10 days, when in fact he wormed his way into Trump’s graces. He initially worked on behalf of Democrats, then latched onto Mitt Romney’s campaign, and after backing Scott Walker, then Jeb Bush, the opportunist saw possibilities with Trump.

He worked for 8 months to ingratiate himself with the administration, beginning with the transition team. Once he was tabbed to become the White House Communications Director trouble erupted. Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus ended up leaving over his hiring. When John F. Kelly became the new Chief Of Staff his first task was to send Scaramucci packing.

So Anthony posturing today that he left on account of his own scruples is a fable he weaves that is much taller than himself.

After Trump leaves the timeframe will become a punchline for others to use, at Scaramucci’s expense. But fret not — it seems Anthony has his career mapped out already.