Many members of the press are in an emotional pique regarding the D.C. riots at the Capitol, so much so they are incapable of forming cogent thoughts. It is all just so perfect for their profession – ready-made drama and gripping optics – that thinking things through is barely considered.

Curtis Houck nabbed some instances where the press resorted to spinning wild claims about what happened and what is to come, all while they were lecturing against that very type of thinking.

Because it makes perfect sense that the Capitol Police were in on allowing the fiasco, partaking in the overthrow of the building. It was not a case of them being overwhelmed by a much larger mob.

Jumping on this bandwagon is noted (for some reason) historian Michael Beschloss.

Next Mike unspools further, suggesting marshall law could be Trump’s next move — and wait, he might use WHAT against the people…?!?!

How the producers did not pull the plug at this stage is a mystery, but instead, those behind the scenes let Mike keep going.

There is also John Ziegler weighing in with his wall-length schematic — the plot will be to have Trump forced out by Pence, and dangle a Get Out Of Jail Free card to facilitate the effort.

Just to underscore the crackpot nature of this, John’s theory was also recently put forward by another elevated political mind.

Most people would consider if they are undertaking a plot suggested by Bill Kristol then maybe they should reconsider things. And yet, another blue check takes things further.

You have to love it. Everything wrong with those on the right is attributed to conspiracy theories, then these mental giants explain to us what will be taking place next, as they adjust their Reynolds chapeau. See, their conspiracies are deeply cerebral and valid, because they appear on TV and have a bold checkmark next to their name.

Totally different.