It is one thing to see someone who is plugged in and invested in an area lending an emperical voice to a subject. It is another when that person has as a vocation that is reliant upon facts and yet displays an aversion to the same.

Billy Corben is a noted documentary film maker who has produced titles for outlets such as HBO, Netflix, and ESPN. He is also a resident of South Florida and as such has an interest in how the state deals with the Covid outbreak. He also has an animosity to Governor Ron DeSantis.

We see that Corben lapses into the common practice by many to heap scorn on the governor who has dared to free up the citizens of the state during the pandemic. Despite the facts that DeSantis worked early on in the outbreak to try shielding the elderly who were affected, and has seen better statistical results than less populated states, Corben sends out a ruling by a publication on how poorly he has supposedly performed.

The New Republic piece is rife with biased journalism; sophomoric vulgarities help to sell a passel of rumors meant to impugn the record of DeSantis, but this was enough to impress Corben. What did not impress the film maker – contradictory facts.

Wait, that cannot be correct. Otherwise it would meaan things are not so bad and the governor is actually doing —

Well, that’s inconveenient.


After a time Corben tired of seeing so many similar responses that delivered so many contradictory data points that he snarkily resorted to issuing a poll.

What is most amusing is that as Corben is being dismissive it does not occur to him to consider exactly WHY so many were responding in such a uniform fashion. Perhaps there could be something worth looking into with all of these statistics? Nah, DeSantis is a GOP governor, so he is simply a scounrel by default.

This – right – here.

If California and New York are such warmly regarded success stories why do we keep seeing reports of people fleeing those locales? Further, if Florida is such a Covid hellscape, one lorded over by the demonic Ron DeSantis, why are so many people still flocking to the state?

Maybe that mystery can be the topic of Corben’s next documentary.