CNN is in desperation mode. Just as they should be thrilled and in celebration mode over Joe Biden they sure sound awfully defensive and petulant.

Brian Stelter has been rather upset about Fox News. (Wait — we should have placed BREAKING before that detail.) This time he is bothered that they both initially covered the Hunter Biden scandal, and that today, as most networks have found a way to finally report on the story, Fox is reporting on it too much.

This is probably the technique at play; complaining about how much coverage Fox is giving the Biden and Swalwell stories will qualify then for CNN to say ”we covered those stories”.

And of course, there is built in comedy when a network that belched out Russian Collusion coverage for 4 years complains about another network harping on a story for a couple of weeks.

Tater’s tweets on the matter just invited the scorn.

And for deeper irony, there is his comments on obsession.

No lie. If Fox covering a news story is obsession then Brian poring over Fox content every- single- day haas to deserve a completely new psychological designation.

And there is more problems with his words.

Valid question. And one Brian will never answer.

Now, about those graphics. Exactly WHO at CNN thought that chyron was a good idea to place below the image of Brian?!

And to put a seasonal-appropriate tree topper on this story, Stelter in the past has declared he is the one who proofs and oversees all the chyrons used on his program. So this delicious piece of comedy comes as a result of the punchline himself.

Let’s be honest – the next four years are going to be hilarious from the media perspective.