As miserable as this year has been why not keep up the awfulness — there are still a few weeks left, after all.

Today came the announcement that the perpetually activist-minded ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s was partnering with the perpetually aggrieved former athlete Colin Kaepernick to create a new flavor label.

Colin sounds rather excited about the new partnership, as the proceeds from the sales will go towards his social justice foundation that supports defunding the police and criminal justice reform.

It is an all vegan, non-dairy frozen dessert — in other words, they are honoring a fake quarterback appropriately by creating a fake ice cream.

Upon the news of this unappetizing offering a few people have decided there could be far better versions created which would be more accurate Kaepernick-themed desserts.

We see what you did there.

That’s just solid right there.

The problem of course is the company might actually become inspired. There could end up being an entire line of washed-up ice cream flavors.