Do you recall the tale of Jodi Doering? She was the nurse who, after some dramatic social media posts, showed up on CNN a few weeks ago with claims that she was attending to multiple dying Covid patients who denied the virus existed. Hers was supposed to be a cautionary tale of the perils of this disease and the fatal dangers behind taking it lightly.

Except her story fell apart faster than a Chinese-made hospital gown.

The hospital where this travelling nurse – (a contracted support worker, not an actual medical staff member) worked had only experienced 6 Covid-related deaths the entire year. A number of other issues regarding this source came up and she has disappeared from public view.

Now tonight another dramatic reading is found, this from an ER doctor who has a gripping tale of her own.

If this sounds…curious to you, you are hardly alone. To start, this is not anything approaching evidence. This doctor was told an anecdote by a patient, nothing more. Nothing is even close to verifiable about this fable.

That all 22 of those at the dinner would contract the disease seems remote, and this is nothing that can be readily proven. It also defies the odds they would all come down with the symptoms in such a rapid time frame.

Well, it seems rather revealing that not everyone has a skeptical view of this claim.

You might think that after featuring a highly questionable guest on air one particular outlet might be leery to jump into that firepit once again.

You would be wrong.

While many people are tilting their head in doubt over this story CNN is rushing to clear calendar dates for their next big dramatic BOMBSHELL.

Well, one thing helping out CNN is that people on social media are willing to undertake a core part of journalism that many in the press have abandoned over the years — basic research. A few have already done some digging on this newly notable doctor and found that while she was very eager to get this story out condemning family gatherings she was rather open-minded to thousands of people gathering together.

Jerry Dunleavy has a collection of revealing posts made by this same doctor.

This potential guest is not too tired to attend rallies and protests with massive crowds. She wants to condemn families coming together, but was willing to bring her kids out to a throng with thousands of strangers.

It might be fair to say that about the only other entity with more questionable character traits would be CNN, if they end up placing her on the air.

Oh, who are we kidding? There is no ”might be” when it comes to CNN.