When you have to resort to semantics in order to clear yourself that is a clear sign you have been owned.

It was hilarious to see this week when the CEO of Goya Foods responded to months of social media scorn and press condemnations over a suggested boycott by announcing his company enjoyed a tremendous surge in sales and as a result was naming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as ”Employee of the Month”.

As we predicted, this did not sit well with the Congresswoman, and she has now come out to declare that she had never boycotted the company.

This is how she wriggles out of this – she did not ”actually” call for a boycott, so she technically did not ”lead” everyone in doing so.

We mean, C’mon now. You did not ”just” Google a recipe; you announced you were doing so on your social media account, and did so by responding directly to the comments made that day by the CEO, which you had included in your tweet.

This was also not a fantasy dreamt up by the press. After her proclamation of moving from Goya numerous celebrities and blue-checks joined her in the outrage against the company.

Yes, it was completely fabricated by the media and FoxNews…except for all those declaring they were boycotting.

Speaking of fabrications, what is AOC even talking about regarding food rationing in this country? People buying more of a product is hardly a sign of a lack of supply, it is an increase in demand.

But Alex From The Bronx is compelled to lash out in the face of a public shaming. She just does not handle those kind of clap backs gracefully.