It was the kind of eye-rolling announcement that many on Twitter pounce on, regardless if they are conservatives or not. At Glamour Magazine last night they had a curious announcement; they discovered that actress Catherine O’Hara, who plays the character Moira on the popular comedy ”Schitt’s Creek” ALSO played another role!

That’s…it. They were really surprised by this.

Writer Christopher Rosa delivered the piece, expressing his own surprise at this trenchant information, and provides a number of examples of people on Twitter who were likewise shocked.

We are not sure what is more obtuse — that the editors felt this was enough of a story to run, or that a described entertainment writer essentially is admitting to an unfamiliarity with the Internet Movie Data Base.

Rosa, and Glamour, absorbed their share of earned mockery over this.

The reveal here is this is not some major industry secret, given her current show has been on the air now for 6 seasons and has seen the entire cast recently win an Emmy for the comedy. In fact, within the body of the article, they include the link to an interview Catherine O’Hara gave in 2018 where she discusses her role in ”Home Alone”.

You know, when you do not even read your own content, how can you expect others to do so?

It seems the level of snark they received was enough to alter things. Glamour has deleted the original tweet, as has Rosa.

They also went back and edited the article, altering the headline so it now begins with ”Yes,…” to sound as if they are now explaining old, known news. The text where Rosa was expressing his being unaware to the actress having a past has also been altered.

In addition there is a sub-headline declaring, ”People are just now realizing this.” Sure, we suppose entertainment writers at fashion magazines qualify under the term ”people”.

The surprising thing is no one on staff had the least bit amount of curiosity to look into things. Considering it would have taken less than 30 seconds to ascertain that an entertainer might have had prior work the magazine could have avoided embarrassing itself in this manner.

When the millennials begin to enter the journalism field this is bound to become the result.