With the end of the year approaching, as we are blessedly close to sloughing off this wretched year that was 2020, one thing we can count on is the annual arrival of year-end lists in the press.

One that has become a laughable version of its former self is Time Magazine announcing who it declares to be considered ”The Person Of The Year”. In years past Time has recognized the likes of Hitler, and Stalin, an indicator of the magazine recognizing those who have had a positive or negative influence on events.

So maybe that definition explains what are some of the more questionable inclusions on Time‘s nomination list. Considering the past two selections were Greta Thunberg, and The Press Corps (dubbed ”The Guardians”, by this press corps outlet) some of these names have a possibility of being chosen as the POY.

Well, there is a recent winner of The Emmy Award.

Then there is the medical expert who seemed particularly adept at contradicting himself all year.

How about another governor, one who is known for the demise of seniors while locking up the freedoms of her citizens on the way to possibly being removed by the legislature?

It seems rather clear that if the obvious choice — the Covid medical first responders — is not selected then the choice for the cover is destined to be a disappointment.

Also obvious is that the one name on this list that is missing is also the most appropriate.

Seems apparent had the editors done the proper thing and included Mayhem he would be the runaway winner.

We would all feel that one.