Famed punk rock legend John Lydon is in the news, and it is for a decidedly non-punk reason. Known mostly as Johnny Rotten, the lead singer of the seminal punk band The Sex Pistols, Lydon is living what is apparently a rather sedate existence in the Los Angeles area these days.

According to a new book from the rocker John spends much of his time in Venice Beach accommodating the wildlife on his property, to a certain level of personal distress.

Sounds like Anarchy In The Under Armor.

This is of course leads to other questions, like why does he have fleas south of the border like that, why did any media outlet think this was newsworthy — and just WHY IN THE HELL WOULD HE LET PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!

Yes, we all could do with less intel on rock stars and their infested nether regions.

Okay, we’ll applaud…we guess…


Yes, clarity here is needed.


In any other year this would have been