As many have noted in the weeks since the election there has been a notable flight from Fox News by the audience. Following a series of on-air incidents and editorial decisions by management the ratings at the annual leader in network news have been in a freefall.

The latest comes from the segment of the morning info-tainment programs. For the longest duration Fox & Friends has sat atop the ratings in the early day hours, but now we are seeing that the viewer-flight is affecting the network in numerous time slots. So much so that over at MSNBC they just experienced a rarity — Morning Joe took the ratings title last week.

Of course, this led to some crowing over at Joe’s network

What is revealing there is what is NOT being touted, such as the fact that they have not held that position in nearly TWENTY YEARS. Also important, ”overtake” is a bit of a stretch here, when what is actually happening is Fox losing about 300K viewers, not Joe surging ahead with newfound popularity.

This is notable because what you are witnessing is true erosion of audience share. This is a case of Fox falling back to MSNBC than it is that network making gains. As off this summer, for example, Fox & Friends was drawing a larger crowd than CNN’s primetime schedule. While Morning Joe has benefitted slightly from those switching, the primary story here is the sheer drop off seen at Fox.

It is something seen across the daily schedule at Fox News. Most of the programs apart from the primetime pundits have experienced notable declines in the audience.

To say there are problems at the once dominant news outlet is trending towards understatement.

This much is very true. Townhall Media has been contacted by said team, requesting/demanding we correct the record over ratings we had previously reported — which were completely accurate.

And that is basically what we are seeing happen right now.