The Associated Press may be the primary news referral service for most media outlets but it also dictates the proper language and usage of terms for headlines and journalistic content. ”The AP Stylebook” is considered the standard that news outlets follow in their writing guidelines.

Make no mistake — The AP is no less biased than the rest of the media complex, so on occasion their ”rules” can take on more of a virtue-signaling tone rather than something approaching common sense. This summer during the social protests they came out to announce that the word ”Black” would now be capitalized when referring to race, but then one month later they declared that when referring to caucasians the word ”White” should be lower case.

Now they have taken this sensitivity of language to another level. It is enough to drive a person looney.

Seriously. These are the ravings of an impacted mind.

The nutty idea of course all but invited people to show up and go crazed on the AP account.

This could lead to problems elsewhere.

Valid question.

Points for creativity, but where would this lunacy end?

Yes, yes – clever retort. But it raises a good question. How diligent do you think the AP will be when the President is referred to in this manner? You’d be crazy to bet that they would correct such usage.

Maybe we can compromise — instead of these derogatory terms, just refer to an unhinged person as ”Rick Wilson”. There – fixed it for you.