Even with a Biden victory there is plenty those on the left find uncomfortable in the election results. The lack of taking over the Senate, and the overall strength the GOP showed across the country was not at all expected, and a Joe Biden victory would mask the underlying concerns.

Even more worried than the Democrats — the Never-Trump crowd. Even while they are high-5-ing the Biden ”success” what they have realized is that their influence was not at all considered successful. Their self-anointed queen, former conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin, attempted to dress up this result as best she could in a new column. You can see the way she strained to get that pig to hold still so she could apply Revelon-5 lipstick.

The irony in this lone tweet is enough to qualify as an anemia vaccine. Jennifer saves you the effort of actually reading her column as she retweeted herself about 9 times in a matter on minutes, insisting desperately that this election shows the demise of the GOP — as long as you do not pay attention to the results.

Already we see her wrestling with the data. Voter suppression – in an election with record turnouts and voting totals. So at least we know now that reality is not at play.

”Demise”, she says — in the face of making gains in the House.

Let’s recap: Republicans need to do something in a racially diverse electorate, AND she admits Trump overperformed with minorities…while complaining about the results.

This is some severe ”whistling past the voting booth”. Yes, Biden won the Hispanic vote, but Democrats are very upset with how much Latino support Trump received. There are all kinds of wild claims of scaring and threatening and conspiracy theories to motivate Hispanics to vote for him.

Rather noteworthy how Jenn suspended her arithmetic lesson right at this point. There is one other figure Jennifer avoided in her formula – 70 million. This is how many votes Trump received, a total of 7 million MORE than he received in 2016. This would then mean that he became more popular, and did so on the strength of garnering significantly higher minority votes.

Also avoided by Jennifer; her efforts to sway GOP voters to Biden. Working with Lincoln Project voices Jennifer was brashly telling Republicans they needed to distance themselves from Trump and vote for a leftist Democrat…uh, in the name of conservatism, or something.

This was the avowed goal of she, and all the other Never-Trump cranks. In 2016 the GOP support of Trump was at a 90% rate. So how successful was Rubin is swaying minds? Let’s take a look at the exit polls from this week.


So let us tally up the claims made leading into this election. Jenn & Co. They said Trump was driving away voters — he earned 7 million more than last election. They spent 4 years calling him a racist — he received record amounts of minority support. They were tasked with driving Republicans to vote for Biden — they rate of Republican vote rose with a higher turnout.

So where exactly did this NT crowd accomplish any of their stated goals?