Biden has barely been officially declared the winner and already the Left is making plans of retribution. It is clear they are already drunk with power before the kegs of influence have even been delivered.

Yesterday Sam detailed how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the suggestion that they start compiling data on Trump allies, and there have been others now who feel like this brown-shirt method is a swell idea. For one was that perpetual wellspring of good ideas, former conservative writer Jennifer Rubin.

Ironically Steve Schmidt, from The Lincoln Project joined in, despite AOC tossing his group under the bus.

The ever-insufferable Evan McMullen is also in on it.

There is also this outfit, affiliated with Kaepernick Publishing.

When AOC announced her desire initially one of those responding to her was Michael Simon, who hails from the Obama administration. In an answer to AOC’s question as to whether anyone is compiling lists Simon responded with, ”Yes, we are. The Trump Accountability Project (@trumpaccproject). Every Administration staffer, campaign staffer, bundler, lawyer who represented them — everyone.

Echoing this effort was Hari Svugen, a formr staffer from Pete Buttigieg’s campaign, who also was promoting the new enterprise. Simon met a far amount of blowback for his declaration, and has since locked down his account. Also, at the TAP website they hauled down its exhaustive ”Enemies List”, after their brown-shirt effort became exposed on social media.

However, legal expert Leslie Gordon was able to predict this and she took screenshots. The detailed list showed they were targeting administration officials, donors, PACs, and even judges who have been appointed by Trump. Her thread illustrates how disturbed these people appear to be on this matter.

This at the least needs to be something to stay aware of operating in the background. Biden is putting out a message of unity and repair, but it is clear that many on the left are interested in orchestrated punishment being meted out. These fascist revenge tactics need to be watched.