We do not want to suggest the left is nervous about Tuesday, but if you have noticed this past week those on social media are not exactly acting out from the position of assured victory. The amount of anger and knee-jerk vitriol being displayed reveals more nervousness than confidence.

The latest comes from Renee’ Graham, an op-ed writer at the Boston Globe who chose to resort some very base thinking in order to make a point about President Trump and the visual support he has been receiving.

Oh dearie, no. This is the kind of thing we might feel inspired to help out and guide through her error, but the appearance of a pride flag and pronouns in the bio indicates the indoctrination could be too deep.

Not unlike a Biden-Harris tour bus that was trailed by a convoy of Trump supporters, Renee’ inspired a parade of responses.

Bad time to mention how Trump has supported gay marriage, we suppose.

This is such a crater-inducing mic-drop that we feel bad using the term ”nuanced”.

Oh you, and your facts again…

Well this is going to just send Renee’ into cardiac seizure!

The esteemed journalist probably should have expected that her use of a comparison was going to invite comparisons. She did not, mind, but she should have.

This truly is the base-level commentary she was resorting to, so the comparison is a valid one by her own standards.

Perfect point to close on. Renee’ and her ilk are always verbally critical of the ”violent rhetoric” of conservatives, yet when it comes to which side actively promotes violence look who  it is defending the beheading of the President or other acts of violence on the man. Just years ago we were lectured how a rodeo merely wearing an Obama Halloween mask was intolerant racism and a threat on the President, but today they can make a public display of placing Trump in a guillotine and none of the pearl-clutchers even blink.

The only reason Renee’ Graham cannot see a difference is because she intentionally looks to make the comparison — and she overlooks the actual violence promoted by those on her own side.