We are the first to admit that in 2020 things have become so bizarre, odd, screwed up, and psychotic that sometimes real life exceeds parody. That does not mean it is not still funny when prominent accounts fall for a good fakeout.

And boy, did Michael Moore fall.

At issue is a video made by comedian Blaire Erskine, who made a satirical interview, playing a supposedly passionate Donald Trump supporter who was allegedly abandoned at a rally for the President in Nebraska. It is a pretty funny spot, as she plays both a vapid character and one who is inexplicably supportive.

We enjoyed the part about having to be bussed in to the event because their cars are too poor to appear on television.

Michael Moore however did not enjoy it – he saw it as an object lesson. After watching her say that she would walk ”750 miles in below-zero temperatures, nip-nude, just to hear him speak”, Moore felt he latched on to a fervency in the electorate that the Democrats were lacking.

THAT’S how they win”, declared the political savant. He seemed like he was ready to give a Ted Talk on the issue, to any who needed to hear. Eventually somebody tipped him off to the ersatz nature of his evidence, and Mike took down the post — but not before we captured it for historical purposes.

There is only one way to make a piece of good satire funnier — by having a notable figure taking it seriously and sending it out to their fans in earnest.

We have been robbed of Moore’s sycophants responding in kind, but there are still a few who have been taken in for our amusement.

This is one of the underrated aspects of parody – provoking the intense response from self-serious minds out there.

Some who did grasp the fakery were still vying to say it was a true representation – the fake-but-true gene is still going strong.

Yes, no better way to prove something exists than to rely upon faked evidence.

Hey, even Trump defenders rose to the bait.

But it leads to us pondering just how many fell for thee gag.

We have to admit being torn; Part of us enjoys the dupes getting fooled, part of us weeps for the fact that things are so screwy this is harder to quantify.

We’ll choose to laugh, for the mean time.

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