If you have been on social media at all today you have likely been faced with two narratives — the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, and leftists filled with confident boasts of winning the upcoming election. The fact that BOTH of these topics are delivered by blatantly angry Democrats undermines much of the confident words.

Not to be outdone in the dramatics department, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer weighed in with his usual calm, understated, and very measured response to the events unfolding this night leading to ACB becoming confirmed to the Supreme Court.

This tweet echoed his comments delivered on the Senate floor ahead of the inevitable confirmation of ACB.  Hmmmm. Seems to us here this is trending just a bit on the side of exaggeration, maybe Senator?

We can think all the way back to…the LAST confirmation process, when Senators were acting like frothing escaped mental patients in their bid to accuse a nominated judge of being a rapist. But Chuckles wants us to feel as if this is a lower period of shame. Yea — nope.

But, as it turns out, this is something of a trend with Schumer. It appears as if tonight’s award of gloom continues a recent trend.

Why — this would almost indicate as if the minority leader was possibly being melodramatic.

Yes, a Constitutionally-confirmed justice seems possibly lower on the list of dire experiences than some other days, possibly…?

That would be when South Carolina’s Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner of Massachusetts unconscious on the Senate floor. In fact, in an effort to lend perspective for the esteemed Senator, there is a book that has catalogued dozens of instances of violent behavior in Congress.

Call it recommended reading — might divert Schumer’s attention from reading the news and getting so upset over things.