It is one thing for leftists to engage in projection. It is a normal stock in trade with those from the liberal plantation. But to take that to a level so extreme as to become oblivious to becoming self-parody requires a special talent and an infectious level of Derangement so severe as to require an infusion.

We present to you Robert Reich, who is wallowing in a fetid pool of TDS so deep he can only hope to follow the bubbles in order to find the surface.

Look, we get it — you hate the man. Plenty do. But when you are trying to suggest that he is the roiling epitome of oppressive leadership, only to then follow that with a plan that exceeds his own alleged totalitarianism you have traveled well beyond the horizon. As usual, Democrats propose a solution that is worse than any perceived problem.

It is time to pump the breaks Robert, and actually think through your little emotional fantasy revenge scenario.

Not too difficult to imagine where we have heard this kind of thing before.


It is almost as if these people have become so delusional that they no longer look at that novel as a cautionary tale but as a blueprint for their next political agenda.

Those thinking Robert was onto something here are nearly as scary.

Okay, that right there is pretty funny, and brother do we need some levity in this thread.

Give Mr. Reich credit — he is doing his part to campaign for that particular result.