It is a story that might be a perfect mixture of seriousness and goofball levity. We are all familiar by now with the report that a group of militia members had hatched a plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.

Make no mistake, by all appearances they meant business. Local Fox News in Grand Rapids obtained quite a bit of the details about how these anarchists had plotted their very intentional plan.




There was even this video they obtained about the training these anarchal reactionaries were undertaking.

Rather serious looking stuff. That is, until people recognized the car used in this particular training exercise. That interior was recognizable to a number of people, and let us just say it is not exactly an assault vehicle you might find piloted by ”The Expendables”.

Yes…a PT Cruiser. We guess a Pontiac Aztec was out of their price range??

Look, who are we to judge?! Maybe there are some engineering advantages that aided their plot?

Ah, now see? Who knows where this would have gone had these amped-up cammo-addicted goofs not been apprehended before executing their plans ?!

Truly, in any other year this might be considered an odd story…