To start, let us recall how the Democrats and the media have elevated Ruth Bader Ginsburg to sainted status. She was an infallible creature whose dying wishes supersede the Constitution and need to be followed to the letter in the strictest textualist fashion.

Okay, moving on now, the Democrats and the press are really somewhat displeased with Amy Coney Barrett today, in general, yes we know, but specifically also with the fact that on numerous occasions she demurred from giving direct answers. A number of times ACB refused to answer a challenge to how she would rule of a hypothetical case, before any argument has been heard.

Many in the press found this to be unacceptable.

It would seem as if these journalists cannot fathom how answering now would compromise a potential future court case. It would also seem they have zero frame of reference regarding judicial confirmations

”Refusing to answer”, they say, without a single level of recognition as to why this was the case this morning. It becomes rather amusing when these media titans who are self-described experts on court matters display an ignorance as to what ACB was resting upon with her refusals to entertain the baited questions.

There you are, blue-checks — the basic reason that a judicial nominee may become evasive and non-committal to certain questions.  And if you are off-balance in thinking this is a novel occurrence, here is our ally Comfortably Smug with a help video giving you a rendition of appointees doing the same.

Wait a tic…what was that about Joe Biden?

Ah yes, as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Joe Biden was presiding over the confirmation of RBG. He was the one to not only lay out the guidelines for this rule but stated that is should be in effect.

So following the disturbing and despicable performance from Biden and the Democrats during the Clarence Thomas hearing, Joe felt the need to run some interference in case their own nominee was to meet the same type of unethical treatment.

So he not only coached RBG on how she would be permitted to wave off any answers she wished to avoid, he stated it was important that she do so.

You not only have a right to choose what you will answer and not answer, but in my view you should not answer a question of what your view will be,” Biden told Ginsburg during the hearings.

Now THIS would be something amazing for her to say. We can only dream…