It’s a-boot time someone came up with a plan!

For many families the strife caused by the Covid outbreak is compounded when normalcy has to take a backseat to public cries for safety. One point of anxiety has been whether Halloween can take place for the kids’ sake, and up in Canada they have arrived at a novel solution.

Reporter Jeff Slack, from 660 News in Calgary, Alberta has the scoop. The mayor was address the press with plans on how they can help citizens manage through the upcoming holidays.

Note the prop in the background. This was the cagey idea that city officials have dreamy up to help citizens, and especially the Canuck kids, carry on with a safe and bountiful Halloween candy haul.

This – changes everything! Now instead of potential Covid spread by handling candy as you place it in a trick-or-treat bag you can use a long length of tubing…as you handle the candy to load it into the delivery receptacle.

Okay, fine sure — I suppose it makes some sense, given the size of the delivery chute you are getting 6 feet of distancing. But exactly how many of these tubes are available to the general public?


So yes, maybe there is something of a small supply problem for this sort of thing. But we do not see you wiseacre jackhammers coming up with any better ideas!

See?! These are far better ideas than what simplistic politicians managed to come up with!


Yes, yes – we have been watching this kind of stunted thinking taking place for some time now. Sometimes however you just have to laugh at them. Otherwise you will incur serious punishment over the violence you commit.