Hey, why not — it’s 2020. This makes total sense, actually considering all the other norms we have seen blown into confetti during this twisted year. So we are in the midst of a wave of blue-check verified social experts from the media and entertainment coming forward to declare how they now put more faith in what a 15 year says in Washington over the media professionals in that town.

Look, I’ll be the last to say they may be wrong. The way the press behaved just over this past weekend, to say nothing of the last 4 years, is all the example you need to look for a more reliable source on Tik Tok. It is just a little surprising to see all who are admitting it.

Here’s the tale — Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia over the weekend claimed her mother has Covid and has been spreading it through the family. This generated tons of sympathy for her and tons of outrage towards her mother. Then today on Tik Tok she made a comment about President Trump announcing he was returning to the White House.

Claudia insisted that President was actually ”doing badly lol and they are doing all they can to stabilize him”. This caused people in positions of knowing better to allow their own affliction — Acute TDS — to toss away all manner of common sense and believe a 15 year old on Tik Tok has the inside dirt in D.C.

”Reporting”, she said. About a teen on Tik Tok saying wholly unsubstantiated things. Given this definition I believe the state of our modern media is being completely explained for us.

You do mean ”former advisor”. See, Kellyanne Conway quit the White House over one month ago. This would call into question the gossip from a teenaged girl even a bit more than normal thinking people should.

Considering that is the committee that gave its top prize to The 1619 Project it would hardly be a step down for that honor. It also would hardly be a surprise to see it happen.

Yes, even a Krassenstein has weighed in on the matter. Now we are positive Claudia is ripe for the Pulitzer.

And the checks just keep rolling in…

Brother. Most of us can barely trust a 15 year old to handle a take out order, but these professionals want this girl to be their primary source of Washington intel.

Joe, the arrested mindset is what got us here in the first place.

This sums up what is taking place. You have this herd of people so desperate to have what they perceive as an accursed man falling ill that they root for the ravings of an emotionally affected teenaged girl on social media to be the truth they are seeking out.

One thing to note about those above — remember this for future use. If any of them ever try to throw a media story at the public they need only be reminded that they have themselves declared the press to be lower on the scale of trust than a teen on Tik Tok. Not that we really disagree, but it is something they need to be reminded of when it happens.