It is always revealing when politicians attempt to wade into the commerce sector. They always manage to forget that their very position runs contrary to the machinations of the free market.

In Washington the governor seems to still be bruising from his failed Presidential campaign and is looking to puff himself up for his gubernatorial reelection campaign.  He supposes bullying one of the biggest employers in the state is the way to earn votes.

You sure sounded clear there, governor — even if your thinking was rather clouded.

What has Jay sounding cranky is that Boeing has announced it is moving the production facility of its 787 airplanes to South Carolina. Of course, rather than maybe incentivizing and giving the company a reason to stay he tries to sound like a stern parent. ”Don’t you even consider leaving with 1,000 manufacturing jobs, mister — or you are grounded!”

It is rather precious when the Democrat governors who have been instrumental in keeping the economy locked down want to posture as economic experts.

That language you see him using is panic-induced. He has suddenly realized that the free market also means a company is free to leave harsh conditions.

And it seems that even those on his side are not too happy with Governor Greenhouse.

Whoops, Jay. Seems your ardent environmental stances means that when it comes to saving crucial jobs in your state you have undercut your primary defense. Based on your past words you actually should be happy they are leaving and taking their poisonous airplane fleets with them.