While running the risk of turning into a political ‘Karen’ (some have said the male equivalent is called a ‘Brad’, but this is in dispute) it needs to be asked how proper this becomes.

Grace Panetta is a political reporter for Business Insider who is covering the election beat for that outlet this year. In a post from late last night she commented on how the Joe Biden campaign had been able to cut a new campaign commercial yesterday on the allegedly big news story in the New York Times on President Trump’s income taxes.

The reason this may have popped an eyebrow is that the Times piece was only released yesterday morning, so the campaign having a spot cut is a bit curious. It appears like another example of a political campaign spitting out relevant commercials in such quick order that some advance word and collusion between a campaign and the press is at least worthy to be asked about on the matter.

Yes, this was not technically complex and probably could have been put together in hours. But when you consider that the article had to be read and digested, an editing team contacted and made ready, actors secured, the copy written and agreed upon by the relevant powers all before given to the production team and then have the ad completed and sent out to the media — it raises questions.

Just another example that the Biden camp may have been tipped off — the Biden campaign website already had these lined up in the shop to sell for donations.

Then there is this perspective.

Another question that should asked on this matter: Exactly how appropriate is it to have a reporter for a news outlet just sending out the full campaign commercial for one of the Presidential campaigns?

A lengthy scroll through Grace’s timeline does not reveal any times she has displayed a Trump campaign ad. Look, we get that maybe reporting on  the release of the ad could be construed as newsworthy, but actually displaying the full commercial strikes much closer to being an in-kind political donation.

However that scroll also managed to reveal a rather slanted narrative throughout Grace’s content, so the surprise is not the case, just the blatancy of the action.