The press has not been impressed about the continuing progress made in the Middle East by President Trump the past weeks. Historic agreements between Israel and nations in this region have been lightly reported on, and the event at the White House for the signing of the Abraham Accords had the press covering the event but otherwise remaining fairly quiet about the accomplishment.

However this is the Trump era, and many in the press are afflicted with derangement and had to lash out at him over this — showing that it probably would have been best to remain quiet like the rest of the media. One of our dependable favorites Aaron Rupar really felt he had the drop on President Trump.

One thing we can count on with Mr. Rupar is his avoidance of reality. It seems ironic that someone who works for the explainers over at Vox needs to have it explained to him that they did not forge a cease fire yesterday. It is an accord signed between nations who had hostile relations and failed to work with each other to now become allies.

Joining Aaron in declaring their ignorance to the world was another blue-check journo, Jacki Schechner.

She actually wrote that — ”What am I missing?”

Not content to be shown her emotional response to a peace accord was off target, Jacki kept going.

He claims this is important. The world leaders in attendance and their signatures on the document mean nothing. It is baffling, because while this is a display of a dose of curiosity from Jacki it never seems to occur to her to possibly follow that up with some sort of activity.

A reporter demands of Twitter that other people do her job and find out the details behind this event. Good thing for Jacki the ignorant ”Trump supporters” were able to do some of her leg work for her.

But see, Trump is involved, so it cannot be legitimate. He only did this to distract away from the pandemic and get reelected. Thankfully three other nations decided to play along with his sham and completely alter the diplomatic relations in a troubled region of the world — all to make Trump look good for November, we are to assume.