The NFL has decided that it will follow suit of the other sports and immerse themselves in social activism. Messages on the field, symbolic gestures in the pregame activities, and even the introduction of a black national anthem are all involved. It seems the league is oblivious not only to the other sports experiencing a drop in ratings but also the general public losing interest in pro sports as a result.

One of the other ways activist expression took place on opening weekend is allowing the players to have a massage attached the the rear neck pad on their helmets. In Jacksonville the tight end for the Jaguars Tyler Eifert participated in the practice, and in the classiest way possible.

The move was both one of class and one that moved people.

It is actually surprising that Eifert was permitted to display Dorn’s name in his honor. These days the leagues have desired to stay on one message, even dictating what are acceptable displays by the players. Applause goes out to Eifert for making this statement.