Joe Biden made a rare appearance outside the confines of his bunker and gave a speech today. He is being applauded by those who despise political attacks for the way he attacked President Trump – when he was not meandering and getting lost. It is a troubling display, to say the least.

Despite some of the glaring errors noticed in both speaking and delivery — and focus…and logic, competency, and comprehension — Ana Navarro, everyone’s favorite completely unbiased and objective conservative journalist [ 5 minutes were needed as our editor last control in fits of explaosive laughter ]

ANYWAY – Ana Navarro was deeply impressed by that Silver Alert-qualifying speech, it seems.

While most would respond with a comment, such as ”Did you watch a past speech, because…”, it is apparent that anything short of swallowing his tongue would have earned Biden praise from his devotees.

Just gaze over some of the accolades doled out following this delivery.

Well, that is a pretty low bar for him to clear. And Joe still managed to trip over it.

YES! Oh man, our jobs here at Twitchy would be soooooooo much easier with daily Joe fumble-fests.

That…we…uh, give us a moment…


Wow. Whew, okay composure has returned.

This does make more sense.

This – this is irony, correct?! You were being ironic…you just had to be.

You cannot possibly be making ‘memory’ cracks in a conversation about Biden, the man notorious for not knowing which state he is even in at a moment.

This??? This was Biden’s best speech?! Well, nothing further needs to be said about that reality.

See, this is funny, because they hustled Joe out of there before he could be distracted by any questions from reporters.

But sure, try selling us on the concept that this was eloquence on the run. There is no denial taking place here, nope — none whatsoever.