The mentality of any protestor is that they either know something others do not, or they know more about something than others. Comedy is to be had when the protestors are heedless that their protest actually is in direct defiance of their message.

This weekend yet another protest took place – because that is all anyone does anymore. This time it was a group of people who were upset over the idea that mail-in voting may not take place, so they marched to the home of the postmaster general to express their opposition to the opposition to the proposal…we think.

This uprising is primarily focused on the mail-in voting controversy, and the contrived issues that President Trump is supposedly working to suppress voters. So we have crowds of people leaving their homes, gathering together, and delivering their individual messages saying how they are opposed to voting because it would be dangerous for them to leave their homes and gather together to deliver their vote.

The video is all that is needed to defy any of their claims.

It was a nice touch seeing them shoving paper into the door gate to express how they are incapable of casting a physical ballot.

Meanwhile in one New York district they have attempted to conduct a vote by mail primary. It has been a month since the polls closed and there is still no resolution.

Sure, but if we conduct the same method on a national scale it would be no problem at all.

These people need to be Returned As Undeliverable.