When this year’s annual motorcycle event in Sturgis kicked of the nation’s Karens rose up to say this was a horrendous health hazard due to it assuredly becoming a Covid super spreader event. Months of protests have been perfectly fine, but people gathering purely as a social event would kill people.

One of the better comments from these zealots was that ANTIFA should go to South Dakota and confront the bikers. Well ANTIFA has never been accused of being brilliant, and a few of these disruptors thought it would be wise to enter into the rally and protest.

It was the opposite of wise.

A very small group arrived and then, seemingly oblivious to the fact they were outnumbered at about a 20,000/1 ratio one decided to antagonize the crowds. Good thing for these Defund-The-police dolts that the police were there to safely escort them out of the throng.

You don’t always need to be smart to be brave.

The revealing points are either they are completely dense to this paradox, or they are aware, which means their messaging is completely garbage.

Either case it does the soul some good to see this many Americans willing to face down this kind of insurrection. And the cops are still doing their jobs.