One of the favorite parts of the media being so in the tank for one party is when they forget they are SUPPOSED to be unbiased and balanced in their reports. But on a day like this, when their preferred party is about to reveal who the Vice President nominee will be, you get so jittery with excitement that the mask slips.

Laura Helmuth was so ready for today’s announcement that she was ready to deliver all the help the Biden campaign might use. Citing a Margaret Sullivan column, the press is already eager to defend against assured attacks from conservatives.

See, a female POC was going to be selected, so we all just KNOW those dastardly conservatives will get all racey and sexist over the pick. You know, the people from that party that had the last female VP running mate? Yea, them — they just hate the womens!

Now what would YOU know about that, Velvet?!

That sounds…prejudiced.

Wait now, this is starting to get confusing…

And now the press has announced their working model for the next 90 days.

Count on it.